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We specialize in Juliana and American Mini Pigs. Hand Raised Micro, Mini &Teacup Piglets.

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Miniature Pig, Juliana Piglets, Micro
Mini, & Teacup Pigs from Tennessee

At PeeWee Piglets in Shiloh TN, we raise American Mini Pigs, JPAR registered Juliana Pigs and Juliana-American Mini Pig crosses. Our goal is to breed adorable, tiny, healthy miniature pigs of exceptional quality for companions and indoor pets. 

We invite you to visit and meet our healthy and happy micro mini, and teacup pigs. All parents are on site along with some great-grandparents.  See for yourself the size and quality of our miniature, micro mini, and teacup pigs.

At Left - Piglets grazing at lower pasture at PeeWee Piglets

Piglets Grazing at Lower Pasture at PeeWee Piglets

Hog Days of Summer

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Help our teacup and micro mini pigs beat the heat during the sweltering heat of southern Tennessee in August.  PeeWee Piglets is hosting this local adoption event so our mini pigs can get cool new homes. The piglets are tired of sharing and want their own climate controlled pad forever. So bring one of our adorable piglets into your loving and AIR CONDITIONED home.  We have 30+ babies and slashed prices so that no piglet is left behind.  Call to start the adoption process.  Do not submit your application online.

Air restrictions apply and shipping is only available by ground transport.  No worries even in this heat with J and M Pet Transport.   J and M Pet Transport will pamper your piglet and deliver to your door within the continental US.  The shipping prices costs are comparable to air travel without the summer travel restrictions.  Call for a quote to your home.

Genuine Tiny and Colorful, Micro Mini and Teacups Piglets For Sale

We are very proud of our beautiful babies and the wide array of unique colors and combinations. Stripes, spots, speckles, chipmunks, paints, and tuxedos with different color combinations and variations in every color but green and purple. We have blue eyes babies too!

Our miniature piglets weigh as little as 9 ounces when born, and we differentiate the smallest piglets as micro minis or teacups. All babies grow up and to clarify, a micro mini pig or teacup pig will not stay small like a teacup or mini dog breed. Both are scaled down miniature versions of different species which vary in weight by hundreds of pounds. We do have real micro mini pigs and teacup pigs that fit in teacups, but only as tiny babies.  Our adult miniature pigs range from 35 to 65 pounds and are 12" to 17" tall.

Visit Our Micro Mini Teacup Nursery

Blue and Pink Piglet Pink and Blue Juliana Piglet All Pink Pinkie Piglet
Chipmunk or Wild Markings Piglet

Tri Colored Piglet

Juliana Piglet

PeeWee Piglets is dedicated to maintaining a standard of ethical breeding and integrity. Our miniature pigs receive excellent care. We don't underfeed or breed babies to limit size.   Selective breeding, quality care, and genetics will determine conformation and size of our miniature pigs, not starvation.  We provide truthful and accurate information regarding the age, height, weight, and lineage of our teacup and micro mini pigs. We do not place piglets without being properly weaned, handled, and socialized.   As reputable breeders, PeeWee Piglets assumes responsibility for the lifetime of the pig.  If an owner is unable to keep their pet, the pig can be returned to us with no questions asked.

Micro Mini and Teacups Piglets Are Real

Some say that teacups pigs or micro mini pigs don't exist. They claim all the "so-called micro mini or teacup" pigs are really newborn farm hogs or starved potbellied pigs being sold under false pretenses. This is not true, and PeeWee Piglets pasture of mature healthy adults proves different. 

A well-documented breed of miniature pig was the Gottingen Mini Pig, developed in the 1960's for medical research. The mini pigs of today originated primarily from the Potbellied pig and many other breeds including research pigs, Asian and domestic breeds. A different breed, much smaller than the potbellied pig, breeders continued to breed for smaller size selectively. New breeds such as the Juliana Pig, American Mini Pig, and the Miniature Pot Bellied Pig emerged.

These small pigs were dubbed teacup pigs, and breeders started describing the SIZES (not breeds) of their smallest piglets with cute sounding names like Nano, pocket, pixie, peewee, micro, mini, etc. Referencing size, these terms have no set standards and can vary among breeders.

Pinkie Piglet with Pink Bow

More About PeeWee Piglets

Piglets Are Properly Weaned and Socialized

We are dedicated to giving our piglets all the time and the loving care they need to develop, and to be properly weaned and socialized. We monitor the farrowing (birthing) and handle the piglets, so their socialization starts from day one. The piglets live indoors where they are exposed to typical household conditions such as slick floors, vacuum cleaners, pets, people and are litter box trained. Piglets are weaned but remain with mom until 8 weeks of age.

Piglets are typically priced from $300 to $500 according to color, age, and size. Shipping is available within the continental United States.

Piglets Go Home With:

  • Piglets receive iron supplements at birth.
  • Piglets are examined by a licensed veterinarian.
  • All males are neutered.
  • Females are spayed or placed with a spay contract.
  • Piglets are properly weaned at right age.
  • Piglets live indoors and are socialized in a family setting.
  • Piglets are de-wormed.
  • Vaccinated for erysipelas, atrophic rhinitis, and pneumonia.
  • Health Guarantee Issued.
  • Piglet Pack and Wormer included.
  • Lifetime Support 24/7.

See Our Available Piglets in the Nursery

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Ground Transport or Air Flight Available

 To Reserve Your Piglet

Submit online application and $150 nonrefundable deposit    to reserve your piglet.

Piglet Adoption Application

     Meet Our Piglets!

Image of Stork Carrying Baby Piglet

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Information and Pricing About Our Adorable Micro Mini Teacup Piglets

Adoption Process

Our adoption process is simple and straight.  We want to make it easy for people to adopt while ensuring that our pigs will be safe and happy.  Prospective owners must fill out a Piglet Adoption Application and call to speak with an adoption coordinator.

  1. The best way to start the adoption process is too call and let us take your adoption application by phone.  This is the fastest and easiest method.
  2. Submit Piglet Adoption Application online.  Applications will be marked pending and put on file.  The applicant must call to start the adoption process. Applications will be held for one year.

To Start:

  1. Fill out and submit the Piglet Adoption Application online or by telephone, call (662) 212-3695.
  2. Telephone call with PeeWee Piglets after your application is submitted.
  3. Select your piglet - Reserve or schedule a visit to PeeWee Piglets, Shiloh TN. To reserve a piglet, submit Piglet Deposit Form and $150 nonrefundable deposit.  No deposit is required for same day visit and pick up at PeeWee Piglets.

    Accepting Google Wallet,  Android Pay, Moneygram, Western Union, Walmart money transfers, and UPS money orders.  Cash required for local pickup at PeeWee Piglets.

    For more information regarding our adoption policy see Pig Adoption Process.

The best way to start the adoption process is too call and let us take your adoption application by phone.  This is the fastest and easiest method. 

Piglet Applications can be submitted online.  Applications will be marked pending and put on file.  The applicant must call to start the adoption process. Applications will be held for one year.

Piglet Adoption Applications can be submitted online. The applications will be filled as "received but inactive until the applicant calls PeeWee Piglets and must call PeeWee Piglets to start the adoption process. Adoption applications will be filed pending until taken to an adoption coordinator to begin the adoption process.


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PeeWee Pampered Piglets

Happy Parents and Happy Pigs!  Our wonderful pig parents love and pamper their pigs. WARNING - These Pictures might cause CUTENESS OVERLOAD.

Collage of Minipigs and Owners

Our Owners sent us these pics for
updates and to show off their pigs. 
They love their pigs. 
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