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Pig Adoption Process

PeeWee Piglets adoption objective is to assure permanent and successful placement for the entire life of the pig.  We like happy owners and happy pigs.  We want to make sure we have the right pet for you, and you have the right home for a PeeWee Piglet.

PeeWee Piglets assumes a lifetime responsibility for our pigs and we want our owners to have the same mindset and dedication as we do.  However in the event that an owner can't keep their pig, we'll take it back with no questions asked.  

Be A Responsible Pig Owner

A pig lives up to twenty years and is a big commitment that should not be taken lightly.  All prospective new pig owners are responsible for the pig's welfare.  It is the owner's responsibility to train and provide for the care and living arrangments for their pig.  `If a problem occurs, work toward a solution and not abandonment.  Many shelters euthanize after only three days and rescues are often at full capacity, and can't take another animal.

Pigs are highly intelligent and emotional creatures that from strong social bonds.  It is traumatic for the pig to leave their home and their family.  Pigs will miss and grieve, sometimes for months and even years.  Pigs feel grief, sorrow, loss and exhibit behavior very similar to our own behavior.  A grieving pig will look sad, refuse food and water, act lethartgic and not show an interest in things that pigs are normally interested in.  Pigs even cry real tears.  

This Gravity Falls comic strip (below), is a sad but accurate account of the pain and anguish experienced by both the owner and the pig, when a pig is rehomed or surrendered.  It is heartbreaking for Mabel to relinquish her pet and for Waddles to leave his home and the little girl he loved so much.  This same pitiful scenario occurs every day when owners surrender their pet pigs.  Please be a responsible owner and keep your pig for life.  You have your work, your family, friends and hobbies.  Your pig just has YOU.

Waddles Surrendered to Animal Sanctuary

1  Waddles when he was a piglet watching TV with Mabel.  Waddles growing into a pig, holding yarn while Mabel knits.


Mabel putting Waddles in car.  Mabel sad and hugging Waddles during the car ride to sanctuary.


2  Waddles all grown , watching  Mabel play video game.  Waddles making a mess in Mom's garden.


Mabel saying good bye to Waddles.  Waddles watching Mabel and his family drive away, leaving him.


3. Waddles chasing the cat through the house.  Parents unhappy about Waddles making a bathroom mess


Sanctuary lady putting Waddles to bed, petting him good night.  Waddles laying  alone in dark room.


Parents telling Mabel that she had to turn Waddles over to a sanctuary.   Mabel putting collar and leash on Waddles to take him to the sanctuary.


8  Waddles laying in the dark, alone and sad., Waddles missing and dreaming of Mabel, the little girl he loved so mucn.


How To Adopt A Piglet

    1. Submit Piglet Adoption Application online or by telephone. All applications are held on file until applicant calls PeeWee Piglets for an adoption consultation which starts the adoptiom process.
    2. Call PeeWee PIglets at (662) 212-3695 for an adoption consultation. We like to know a little about our prospective owners to qualify and coordinate placement. At this time we can discuss pig care, available piglets, placement and any questions you might have.
    3. Select your piglet from available piglets at PeeWee Piglets in Shiloh TN. or by reserving piglet of your choice. We encourage prospective owners to visit and meet all available piglets, as many are not listed on the website. To reserve a piglet, submit online Piglet Deposit Form with $150 non refundable deposit. Deposit applied to the price of piglet. Upon receipt of deposit and approved application, your piglet will be reserved. Confirmation of piglet selection and pick up/shipping arrangments will be coordinated with prospective owner.
    4. Purchase Purchase Agreement to be signed.  Any balances owed for piglet, shipping or additional fees etc., to be paid in full prior to shipping or pick up.
    5. Your piglet goes home.  Piglet shipped or local pick up scheduled at PeeWee Piglets, Shiloh TN.

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