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picture of juliana, black American MiniPig, and Pinkie piglets 


We specialize in Juliana and American Mini Pigs. Hand Raised Micro, Mini &Teacup Piglets.

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Hog Days of Summer

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Help our piggies beat the heat during the sweltering heat of southern Tennessee in August.  PeeWee Piglets is hosting this local adoption event so our piglets can get cool new homes. The piglets are tired of sharing and want their own climate controlled forever pad, so bring one of our adorable piglets into your loving and AIR CONDITIONED home.  We have 30+ babies and slashed prices so that no piglet is left behind.  Call to start adoption process. Do not submit application online.

Air restrictions apply and shipping is only available by ground transport.  No worries even in this heat with J and M Pet Transport.   J and M Pet Transport will pamper your piglet and deliver to your door within the continental US.  The shipping prices costs are comparable to air travel without the summer travel restrictions.  Call for a quote to your home.

Micro Mini Teacup Pigs For Sale

2017 Summer Babies Are Here

Piglet Pricing Information

Payment Arrangments

Our Piglets are priced according to color, breed, size and age.   This price includes:

• Healthy Piglet with health guarantee
• Socialized and Fully Weaned
• Litter Box Trained
• Neutered or Spayed (spay contract)
• Vet checked
• Vaccinated
• Wormed
• Piggy Pack
• Lifetime Support
We prefer to place piglets at 8-10 weeks of of age.  Piglets are sold for pets only.  All males are neutered and females will either be placed spayed or with a spay contract.

Online - We accept  Google Wallet,  Android Pay, Samsung Pay, Western Union Transfers, Money Gram,  Walmart Money Gram

Standard Mail - Money Orders, UPS

Local Pick Up at PeeWee Piglets - Cash Only


Expedited door to door shipping can be scheduled for  AL, AR, GA, IL, KY, MO, MS, NC, SC, TN, VA. Call (662) 212-3695 for quote.

Shipping is available by ground transport or air within the continental United State, for an additional fee of approximately $300. Piglets to be shipped will require health certificate and in some states a micro-chip. Shipping Fee, health certificate and micro-chip fees are extra and in addition to price of the piglet.

Selecting Your Piglet

Adoption Process

Visit PeeWee Piglets in Shiloh TN or visit the PeeWee Piglets Nursery online.

If possible we encourage prospective parents to come visit.  Check out our available piglets, meet the parents and pick out their piglet. Visits are scheduled 7 days a week preferrably during daylight hours.  Call (662) 212-3695 to schedule a viist at your covenience.  PIglets ready for placement can be taken to approved homes same day as initiall visit.  

Piglets can be selected by visiting our online nursery.  Call (662) 212-3695 for more information and to discuss the piglet/piglets of your choice . 

To Start Adoption Process: 

Call PeeWee Piglets  (662) 212-3695

Fill Out Adoption Application 
Submit either by phone or online

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    New Arrival


New Arrival

spotted juliana piglet
spotted juliana pigle spotted juliana pigle spotted juliana pigle

Prissy $350

Prissy is an adorable Juliana female with apricot markings and dark spots over a white base coat. She is a spoiled snuggler and loves her blankets and her heating pad.

DOB  June 1, 2017

Estimated Height   14"

tri colored teacup piglet

tri colored micro mini piglet tri colored piglet tri color micro mini piglet

Bart $350

Bart is a splash coat. He looks like he has waded through a stream of white paing.  He is a spunky little boy and loves to run and play.

DOB  June 1, 2017  

Estimated Height   14" - 15"

juliana male
juliana male juliana male juliana male

Black mini pig male
Black mini pig male Black mini pig male Black mini pig male

Raymond  $350

Wiggles  $300

Raymond is an adorable Juliana Cross. He has beautiful eyes and long lashes, a stunning tri colored coat and a smiling face. 

DOB 3-11-17

Estimated Height   14"-15"

Wiggles is a American Mini Pig with the sweetest disposition.  He has a shiny black coat with a white diamond forhead and a pink dot snout.

DOB  3-16-17

Estimated Height   14 -15 "

New Arrival

New Arrival

Apricot marked Juliana
apricot marking Juliana piglet julinN pig juliana mini pig

June  $350

June  is a gentle little piglet. She has black spots and apricot markings over a white base coat. She is quiet and is mannerly in the house.

Estimated Height   14"

DOB June 1, 2017

Juliana teacup pig

pinkie teacup pig Juliana teacup pig Juliana teacup pig

Allie $350

Allie is a sweet little piglet. She has black spots and apricot markings over a white base coat.  She is full of personality and is very friendly.  She likes to have his belly rubbed especially when she is falling asleep.  His vice is sour gummy worms.

DOB  June 1, 2017

Estimated Height   14"- 15"

                 New Arrival

  mini pig female

female micro minipig  girl piglet micro mini piglet

Tinky $350

Tinky is an adorable tiny baby girl. She is healthy, spunky and outgoing and was bottle raised in the house with dogs, cats and people. She has been taken to stores and on outings. She is vaccinated, wormed and vet checked.

DOB  6-8-17

Estimated Height   14"

black  piglet

chipmunk female piglet chipmunk girl piglet teacup chipmunk piglet

Barry $250

Barry is a black teacup piglets with chocolate tones.  He is a quiet and calm piglet and loves to snuggle in his blanket. 

Posted 12-19-16

DOB  10-16-16

Estimated Height   14 -15 "


black teacup piglet

Pink mini pig Black teacup Mini Pig black teacup miniature pig

Duggan $200

Duggan is an Irish name meaning black and he was named for his black shiny coat.  He has mostly black with four white socks.  He is playful and outgoing.

DOB  5-7-16

Estimated Height   15"

Black mini pig with bow

black and white piglet with bow black and white piglet with bow black and white piglet with bow

Frank Swineatra   $200

Frank Swinatra is a piglet full of life. He loves to run and then jump in the pool for a little cooling off. He has a gentle nature.

DOB  7-11-16

Estimated Height   15 "


pink mini pig
Pink mini oig pink Mini Pig pink miniature pig

Casper  $200

Casper is pinkie male micro mini male with a loving nature.  He likes to be rubbed and likes to cuddle. 

DOB 5-11-16

Estimated Height 14 "

Black mini pig with bow
Roxy black micro mini piglet black min female piglet black and white micro mini piglet

Roxy   $200

Roxie is a black teacup piglet with four white stocking feet and a star forehead.  She is a quiet girl and is a little shy.   She loves blankets and stuffed animals.  s.  

DOB 5-7-16

Estimated Height   14 "


black stripped mini pig


Black teacup piglet with wild stripping Black wild stripped teacup piglet teacup black stripped piglet

Snicker   $200

Snickers is a chocolate strippped teacup male born 5-11-16. His has a black/chocolate coat with golden brown strippping which is rare.

DOB  5-11-16

Estimated Height   13"

Juliana piglet for sale

Jamie spotted juliana piglet Jamie spotted juliana piglet Jamie spotted juliana piglet

Jamie   $200

Jamie is a spotted Juliana cross.  He likes loves to bury up in his blankets.   He is spunky and loves to play with his siblings.  

DOB  4-15-16

Estimated Height   15"


Blue eyed teacup male piglet
Blue eyed teacup male piglet Blue eyed teacup male piglet Blue eyed teacup male piglet

Cary Grunt   $200

Cary Grunt is a blue eyed charmer. He is playful and active but winds down for his cuddle time.

DOB 6-11-16

Estimated Height   14"

Black teacup male piglet

Black teacup male piglet Black teacup male piglet Black teacup male piglet

Hammy Davis Jr.   $200

Hammy Davis Jr. is an all black runt piglet. He is adorable with his pink center snout. He is a playful and happy piglet.

DOB  6-16-16

Estimated Height   15"