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PeeWee Piglets - The Battle of Shiloh & Hauntings

The Battle of Shiloh was the first major battle and one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War. Never before had such carnage and devastation been seen on the American continent. The 110,000 men that fought with the spilled blood of 23,800 casualties, left forever a bloody stain and a gruesome past upon Shiloh. From this dark history emerged tales of haunting and legends that still surround Shiloh today. Countless reports and claims of supernatural events have earned Shiloh the reputation of being a hot spot of paranormal activity.

The Battle of Shiloh

Pigs in pasture at PeeWee Piglets PeeWee Piglets in Shiloh TN is located near the southern border of Tennessee where Alabama and Mississippi meet. The farm borders Shiloh National Military Park and has a rich historical civil war background.

In the spring of 1862, General Albert Sidney Johnston assembled his Confederate forces into Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama, and named his newly assembled force the Army of Mississippi. On April 3,1862,  44,699 confederate soldiers departed from Corinth MS to launch a surprise attack against the Union Army.  The union troops under the command of Maj. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant, were encamped on the western banks of the Tennessee River at Pittsburg Landing, Shiloh TN.

PeeWee Piglets property is along the route of the Confederate "Approach to Shiloh". The area outside of the park was congested over 50,000 confederate soldiers preparing to attack at Pittsburg Landing. Soldiers were camped on the grounds at PeeWee Piglets.  General Johnston's Last Bivouac (military encampment) is less than a mile away. A small medical field camp was hastily set up here after the main confederate field hospital at the Fallen Timbers battle site (1.5 miles away) was raided.  After the battle the ground here was so contaminated with gunpowder, musket balls, metal scraps, artillery rounds and the dying, that crops were not able to be planted.  To this day, many civil war artifacts are still found on the grounds here.   Recently the pigs rooted up a civil war period dagger.


The Haunting at PeeWee Piglets

Shady Grove Cemetery bordering PeeWee Piglets The old farm house was destroyed by the battle. The current house was built after the war by Albert King.  King was despondent over a woman and poisoned himself.   He didn't die immediately and had a change of heart, begging to live until he died two days later.

The Shady Grove Cemetery pictured above, showing the front and right side view.   PeeWee Piglets' property starts at the end of the chain link fence to the right and wraps around the rear boundary line of the cemetery. The sign and the trees  hide the view of the house. 

A cemetery, a suicide, carnage, and blood shed fuels tales that the house is haunted.  Several former owners and tenants claim to have seen apparitions and heard the sounds of gunfire, drums, horses, marching, and other sounds from the battle.  The couple I bought the house from, claim on numerous occasions to see ghosts roaming the grounds dressed in civil war uniforms and period clothing.

A former employee claims while in the house on two occasions, something tapped him hard on the shoulder.  He turned around expecting a person, but nothing was there.  I told him that the ghost was trying to keep him from goofing off and tapping him to go back to work!

Approach to Shiloh

Map showing Confededrate Approach to Shiloh

This map shows the Confederate approach To Shiloh, and the placement of the Union and Confederate forces prior to the battle.The Army of the Mississippi, divided into four large corps marched from Corinth, MS. The route and troop positions are indicated in red. Position of the Union troops are circled in blue.

PeeWee Piglets current site in Shiloh is shown in pink beneath our logo.  It is located on the right flank of the lead Confederate corp position.  The property was occupied by Confederates prior to battle, was involved in the major battle and subsequent retreat of Confederate forces back to Corinth.

The Pigs After the Battle of Shiloh

The Battle of Shiloh destroyed homes, farmlands and the economy of Shiloh. The Union troops won the battle but both sides suffered heavy losses.  There were no spoils of victory at Shiloh, but the battle was beneficial to one group.... THE PIGS.

The 1860 census records show a few cattle but almost every dwelling had pigs.  The residents fleeing for safety, turned the pigs loose to forage for food.  No one anticipated the carnage and death toll to come.  After the battle, the Army of the Tennessee reported hogs rooting in the shallow graves, frequently exposed the buried remains. The residents returned to find their hogs rooting the battle riddled fields, amongst dead bodies and shallow graves.  The people wouldn't risk eating contaminated pork,.so instead of slaughtering the pigs they used them for breeding.  Ironic that the battle that claimed the life of so many soldiers, saved the lives of the pigs at Shiloh.