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The following agreement is between PeeWee Piglets (breeder), hereafter referred to as "Seller", and

                                                                                           hereafter referred to as "Purchaser".

Purchaser Information:                                      Pig Information:

Name:                                                                   Name:                                                DOB:                     

Phone:                                                                  Breed:                                                 Sex:                            

Address:   ____________________________    Markings:                                                                                           


Email:      _____________________________   Father: _______________________________________

In consideration of a purchase price ______________________, the Seller transfers all rights in fee simple determinable, privileges and responsibilities associated with the ownership of the above referenced piglet/pig (hereafter referred to as Pig) to Purchaser as of the date and time specified below with the following conditions subsequent:

This represents the entire agreement between breeder and purchaser in an outright sale.

1.     Purchaser agrees to assume responsibility and care for the lifetime of Pig.  Purchaser agrees to provide appropriate care to ensure the well being of the piglet/pig including but not limited to the following:

       A.  Provide stable, long term, loving and comfortable home for the lifetime of the pig.

B.  Provide prompt medical care including routine and preventive care to maintain health of the Pig.

C.  Provide proper nutrient formulated for miniature pigs. Feed a pelleted food (Mazuri or equivalent) formulated for mini pigs. Supplement with vegetables, greens, and fruits.  Provide necessary roughage by preferably grazing. Provide fresh clean water at all times.  No dog food allowed.                 

D.  Provide adequate housing within Purchaser's home at above referenced address. Provide additional housing if Pig is to stay outside for extended periods. 

E.  Provide traditional (grass and soil) lawn or yard with secure fence or pen area to offer protection from predators and to confine Pig.  Provide yard access for Pig to get proper exercise, to graze and to obtain iron from the soil.  Pig is not to live in an apartment.                                                                                                                                                  

F.   Provide a safe environment.  Predator proof outdoor enclosures.  Do not allow Pig to roam freely. Be cautious, limit and/or avoid contact with dogs, especially large dogs or breeds known for heightened prey drive and aggression  tendencies.

2.    Pig is being purchased as a companion animal, not to be resold, rehomed or used for breeding purposes.

The above referenced pig is (select one):

A. SPAYED         B. NEUTERED   C. UNALTERED - Spay neuter agreement required as folllows:

SPAY AGREEMENT - Pig will be spayed before one year of age by licensed veterinarian.  Purchaser shall be responsible for procedure.  Puchaser to submit proof and verification of spay to PeeWee Piglets within 14 days after surgery.

3.  Seller guarantees the Pig to be in good health and free of diseases at the time Purchaser assumes ownership. Purchaser may take piglet to licensed veterinarian at his/her own expense within 48 hours.  If the pig is found to be ill, Purchaser may elect to keep pig or return it to Seller.  If pig is returned to seller and the cause of illness is the fault of the seller, the pig may returned for another pig of equal value, upon written diagnosis from said veterinarian.

4.  Purchaser is responsible for compliance with the zoning, code, and other local ordinances pertaining to the residence where Pig will reside, as well as future locations.  Seller assumes no responsibility for research or compliance. 

5.   Purchaser if unable to retain ownership of Pig, shall return pig to PeeWee Piglets, Shiloh TN.   Seller will assume full ownership of pig with no refund given to Purchaser.

6.    Seller agrees to provide help and support (non monetary) for the lifetime of the pig.  Purchaser agrees to notify Seller if any questions, concerns, problems or health issues arise.   

Failure to comply with the above conditions of sale will hold the Purchaser liable for $1,500.00 punitive damages payable to the Seller upon demand and allow for seizure of the pig, to be returned to Seller.  Any and all court costs, attorney fees and legal fees pertaining to said litigation will be paid by the Purchaser at the time of the court's decision.
This document is a legally binding contract.  In signing this document the new owner acknowledges he/she is eighteen years of age or older and has read, fully understands and agrees to ALL of the terms and conditions stated above.

Signature of Purchaser:                                                                                                  Date:               /             /           

Purchaser’s Name (printed)                                                                                               

PeeWee Piglets Authorized Signature :___________________________ Date:____/_____/____

Authorized Signature (printed)   ____________________________________