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Mini Pig Facts and Trivia

Collection of some interesting facts, trivia, fun posters, artwork and articles about miniature pigs.

Pig Bits

Pig Terminology

The Story of Tiny Pig

Pig Artwork

Mini Pig Facts and Trivia

Definitions of common medical & breeder pig terms

Fictional Satire about the Tiny Pig Myth

Collection of Pig Posters, Pictures and Art

Pig Bits

Fun bits of information and intriquing facts about pigs.

Pig birthing is called farrowing.

Pigs don't have fur but have hair.

Pigs are called boars if the males are not castrated

Pigs are called sows if the female has given birth

Pigs are called gilts if the female has never given birth.

Pigs are called barrows when the male is castrated.

Pigs communicate with each other by 14-20 different distinct sounds.

Pig communicate by grunts, squeals, pants, bark and cough sounds,

Pigs can dream.

Pigs tested were found to be smarter than an average 3-5 year-old child.

Pigs sing to their babies while nursing by a series of soft, rhythmic grunting.

Pigs are clean & organized. They love routine.

Pigs do not sweat.

Pigs like to cuddle.

Pigs like cats & dogs, though dogs often attack pigs.

Pigs love children.

Pigs bark to warn of danger.

Pigs squeal when excited or in pain.

Pigs pant HaHaHa when greeting or being friendly.

Pigs make a rough coughing sound when annoyed.

Pigs are easily motivated by food.

Pigs love shredding paper & playing with toys.

Pigs are easy to potty train.

Pigs love to play outside.

Pigs love being mischievous.

Pigs have the brain & attitude at times like a 3 year old.

Pigs live up to 20+ years.

Pigs are the fourth smartest animal in the world.


Pigs can go for walks with a harness.

Pigs are very curious and they love to go exploring.

Pigs like to travel in the car once they get used to it.

Pigs rank fourth behind humans, primate and dolphins.

Pigs have very good memories and don’t forget easily.

Pigs can recongnize and understand names.

Pigs feel emotions and can have feeling of love, hate and forgiveness.

Pigs are a prey animal.

Pigs learn from watching one another and also from watching humans

Piglets can learn their names when they are about 2-3 week old.

Pigs have a keen sense of direction and can find their way over long distances.

Pigs excel at video games that are difficult for a young child.

Pigs are 95 % hypoallergenic.

Piglets will choose a teat and will always go back to the same one.

Pigs gestation period is 3 month, 3 weeks, 3 days.

Pigs love to graze and eat grass, dandelions, clover and other greens

Pigs love to root in the dirt.

Pigs can swim.

Pigs have unique personalities. Most are gentle and docile.

Pigs don't shed like cats and dogs.

Pigs make great alternatives for people allergic to pet hair.

Pigs can be playful They play with balls, baby toys, and all other kinds of pet toys.

Pigs don’t like to be carried much but they love to snuggle on your chest or lap.

Pigs can be extremely affectionate and make wonderful lap babies.

Pigs are easy to care for.


Pig Terminogly

Common Pig Terms an Definitions

 Artificial insemination - (AI) Breeding by using semen extracted by artificial means instead of natural mating.

Anthelmintic - A drug treatment used to expel parasitic worms. An example of a typical anthelmintic is Ivomectin.

Acquired immunity - Resisitance to pathogens acquired after birth .

Barrow - Male pig castrated prior to sexual maturity. 

Blind Teat - An irregular teat often not viable.

Boar -  Male pig with intact testicles. 

Body Capacity - Refers to the shape of a pig in relation to growth and health.

Bulk - Fiber added either separately or mixed in the pigs feed.

Breeding Herd -  All gilts, sows, and boars.

Colostrum  -  Milk immediately after birth which provides immunity to  piglets for the first few weeks.

Creep Feed - Starter feed for piglets.

Cross Breeding - Method used to maximize quality traits of different breeds. 

Cull - To remove an undesirable animal from the herd.

Drove - A herd or group.

Electrolytes -Ionized salts essential to cellular function and fluid balance. 

Embryo - Earliest stages of piglet growth in the sows uterus.                       

Estrus - The period when the sow or  gilt is sexually receptive. Usually every 21 days often referred to "in heat".

F1 -  First offspring from the crossbreeding of two different breeds.

Farrow -  To give birth to piglets.

Feed Efficiency - Amount of needed to gain one pound of weight.

Frame -  The skeletal system of a pig.

Flush -Feed increase to stimulate ovulation in females.

Full Feed - Feed available at all times allowing animal to eat all they want.

Genotype - Represents the genetic make up or composition.

Gestation - Pregnancy to full term. 114 days or referred to as 3 months, 3 weeks, and 3 days in pigs.

Gilt - Young females that have not yet produced a litter.

Hand Mating - To place a boar in a pen with only one sow or gilt.

Heterosis - Superior quality obtained from crossbreeding. Also referred to as hybrid vigor.

Hog - A pig that weighs 120 pounds or over.

Inbreeding - Mating of two closely related animals.

In Pig - (adjective) Pregnant sow.

Lactation - Process of a sow producing milk.

Libido - Showing sexual interest.

Limit Feeding - Restricting feed to avoid obesity.

Line -  A specific bloodline that can be traced to a specific animal.

Line Breeding - Selective breeding of closely related individuals..

Litter - All offspring from a single birth (farrowing).

Mash - Ground up feed, usually fed to young pigs and sick pigs.

Meal - Feed ground to a fine texture.

Mummy - Under developed piglet born dead, with death occurring too late for sow to reabsorb back into body.

Natural Immunity - Naturally occurring genetic resistance to pathogens that an individual is born with.

Needle Teeth - Two teeth or each side of jaw resembling canine teeth.

Open - Gilt of sow that after breeding did not conceive.

Overlaying - Sows crushing and killing her piglets by laying on them. Common cause of young piglet death.

Oxytocin - Drug to induce uterine contractions and stimulate milk production.

Pathogen - Organisms causing infection or disease.

Phenotype - Observable physical characteristics resulting from genetic and environmental influences. Weight, height,

Pig - A young swine or swine under 120 pounds hog?

Placenta - Uterial sack containing fetuses during pregnancy.

Premix - Mineral pack used to create a balanced diet.

Prepotent - The potential of a boar to pass on specific traits to his offspring.

Probiotics - Benefical organsisms to stimulate nutrient absorption and improve immune responses.

Prolificacy - Ability of boar or sow to produce piglets.

Purebred- Animal whose ancestry is of a single breed. Most often having lineage recorded with registries.  

Ring - Metal ring placed in a pigs snout to deter rooting.

Runt - Small or weak pig in a litter.

Scours - Diarrhea.

Scrotum - The sac containing the testicles. To preserve sperm, the scrotum expands or contracts to regulate temperature.

Service - Insertion of semen into uterus by natural or artificial insemination.

Snare - Device put around a pigs snout for restraint.

Sow - Female that has given birth or farrowed.

Stag - Boar that was castrated after being used as a stud.

Standing Heat -When a female pig in estrus will stand rigid when pressure is applied on her back.

Swine - A general term used for pigs.

Terminal - A boar  used to create F1 crossbreeds(first generation cross) only.

Vulva - The exposed portion of a sows genitals. Changes in the vulva are useful in determining estrus or farrowing.

Wallow - Water filled hole or container large enough for pigs to lay in to cool off.

The Story of Tiny Pig

A fictional Story like all the others about tiny pigs.   Just a tale spun for fun and not for profit.
I love pigs and dreamed of having a tiny pig.  People were claiming to bred tiny “Puny” pigs that would not weight over twenty pounds full grown.  Unfortunately most of the piglets quickly grew over twenty pounds, and there was much controversy and debate if a pig this small even existed.  Finally a dedicated breeder selectively bred over many generations, and finally produced a pig that would consistently be within ounces, from 19 – 20 pounds, fully grown.  These tiny genetic miracles was healthy and robust.  These small pigs looked like a normal pig but scaled down, and even had little chubby piggy features like jowls.  This new line of pigs with out fail had offspring that would only grow to be 20 pounds, without any throw backs .

No one underfed them, bred babies or misled anyone about the age or size of this new line.  Everyone was happy except for a few.  Those most unhappy were the big research companies.  These multi-million dollar corporations spent 40 years trying to develop a small breed for research.  These corporations had multi-million dollar facilities staffed with veterinarians, biologists, and other highly qualified researchers.  They had ample funding and resources, state of the art equipment and genetic testing.  The breeder must have been incredibly lucky to develop his little pigs first.  These companies offered the breeder a small kingdom to sell them his pigs, but he refused. Instead he wanted to sell them for a reasonable price so everyone could enjoy them, and he did.

I was able to get one of the first Puny Pigs.  My puny pig was wonderful and he only weighed 20 pounds, I was worried that breeder had accomplished this great task by inbreeding the pigs. I was assured that his animals were line bred.  Later, I realized line breeding is a pretty term that breeders use thats obscures the practice and sounds better than inbreeding,.....But wait, a make believe fairy tale is supposed to have a happy ending.

OK then....all the bad breeders that scammed the people were put out of business. The protesters that blamed all the breeders, didn't have any disgruntled parties to target or incite now.  The bad breeders and the protesters had nothing to do and didn't know what to do with their time.  They comforted one another and eventually fell in love. They went to Vegas and got married all together in huge televised ceremony by Judge Judy.   They lived happily ever after.  

Puny pig and I lived happily ever after too, along with with Chief One Horn.  Chief One Horn is an Indian unicorn I got to keep Puny Pig company.  Also if Puny Pig starts to grow over 20 pounds, he can sprinkle magic unicorn dust on him to shrink him back down to size

The End

Pig Artwork

  A collection of some pig posters, cups and miscellaneous artwork.  Authors and sources unknown.

Pigs Ten Commandments Poster

Animal Rescuer Poster
Show Hands to Pig Poster Happiness is Pigs Card Pig Coffee Cup
Pig Hearing Chip Bag Poster Hogzilla - Huge 2000 lb. hog and boy