Pig Pen Design

Photos of actual interior and exterior pig pens built and submitted by pig owners. Pictures and descriptions of three different types of common panel design for interior or exterior pig pens. Construction tips, assembly information with pictures for interior or exterior custom wood and metal pig pens

Pictures of Real Life Pig Pens

These pictures are not stock plans or pictures but are actual lived in pig pens submitted by the pig owners that designed and construction them in their home. All pictures were submitted by owners but the actual sources are unknown. Any party that recognized their work and would like to be credited, please send e-mail verification to info@peeweepiglets.com. We'll be happy to give you credit for your outstanding work.

Types of Interior Pig Pens and Enclosures

Wood, metal, and plastic panels are most often used for interior miniature pig pens and enclosures. These panels are available in retail stores and online and come in a variety of colors, styles, sizes and price ranges. The large selection of panels allow for flexibility to design a simple cube or an elaborate assembly, and the ability to incorporate the design into the existing space.

Custom Wood and Metal Rail Interior Pig Pens

This is an attractive pig pen enclosure with simple clean lines and is easy to construct. Metal tubes or pipes can be selected from a variety of different metals and finishes, ranging from copper, galvanized, conduit, steel and aluminum piping. Spacing of vertical rails can vary to narrow the openings to contain small piglets. Basic 2x wood construction of double member top and bottom is easy to build. Enclosure is freestanding and does not appear to be anchored to floor or walls. The existing flooring is used for bottom but a liner or linoleum base could be used to protect the floor if needed.