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Piglet Adoption Application

The Piglet Adoption Application must be completed and submitted prior to adopt or reserve current or future piglets from PeeWee Piglets. All applications will be held on file until the prospective owner calls PeeWee Piglets at (662) 212-3695 to actively start the adoption process. All application information is confidential and will be used only as a tool to qualify and assist with piglet adoption and placement. If leaving a message, please speak slowly and clearly. We respond to ALL applicants. Electronic submissions, texts and voice messages can be lost, inaudible or damaged where retrieval is not possible. If for any reason we have not responded back, please notify us at (662) 212-3695 so we can do so.

Piglet Adoption Application

Please provide the following information and complete all required fields marked by * asterisk.
Name (co-applicant)
Address Line 2

Piglet Deposit Policy

A non-refundable deposit of $150 is required to reserve a piglet or pig. Upon receipt of paid deposit, and deposit agreement, the selected piglet or pig will be reserved and will not be offered or sold to another party. Piglet Deposit is deducted from the total purchase price, which is the price of the pig/piglet and any outstanding amounts owed for additional services requested by Purchaser, such as shipping.

Unless specified otherwise, final payment is the outstanding balance owed to seller and will be paid in full as follows: Final payment for an upcoming litter or young piglets will be paid in full before the reserved piglet is 6 weeks of age. Final payment for pig, or piglets 6 weeks and older will be paid in full on or before the scheduled pick up. Reservations and shipping preparations will not be made until final payment has been paid. PayPal, electronic transfers, cash and USPS money orders are accepted forms of payment. Only cash payments will be accepted for pig or piglets being picked up at PeeWee Piglets farm in Shiloh TN. Pigs will not be considered “sold” until payment has been made in full and Purchaser takes possession of pig or piglet. Purchaser shall pay any and all shipping costs involved in transporting pig or piglet. Unless other arrangements are made, pigs not picked up or shipped within 14 days of pickup/shipping date due to fault of purchaser will be re-listed for sale with deposits and money forfeited.

Purchaser to respond in timely manner to correspondence from Seller. Purchaser agrees to return signed contract to seller prior to scheduled pickup or shipping date. Purchaser agrees to participate in a telephone interview to answer questions and provide information relating to the placement of pig/piglets into Purchaser's home. Purchaser is to be available by email, telephone or text for input and decisions regarding pig/piglet such as emergencies, medical care or transportation arrangements.

If Purchaser does not respond to the Sellers repeated emails, phone calls or text within 7 business days, the Purchaser will forfeit deposit by default and pig/piglets will be listed for sale. Cancellation by Purchaser or failure to comply with the terms and conditions stated in this Deposit Policy will revoke the reserved piglet status and forfeit the deposit and/or other monies. Forfeited money or deposits are not transferable to another pig. Forfeited amounts are to be paid to Seller to compensate for the costs and losses incurred as a result of not being able to market or offer pig or piglet to prospective buyers while in reserve status.

Piglet Purchase Agreement

Purchaser agrees to assume responsible care for the lifetime of pig. Purchaser agrees to provide a safe, loving and comfortable home with yard access, prompt medical care, and proper diet. Proper diet consists of a premixed feed formulated for miniature pigs (Mazuri or equivalent), supplemented with vegetables, greens, fruits, healthy treats and grazing. Do not overfeed or underfeed and provide clean, fresh water at all times. Do not allow pig to roam unsupervised or without secure fencing. It is the purchaser's responsibility to verify with zoning, local ordinances, codes, etc., that a miniature pet pig is legal and is allowed to reside at the residence.

Pig is being purchased as a pet and is not to be resold or bred. Any pig not spayed or neutered prior to placement will be placed with a spay neuter contract. This contract is not negotiable and requires purchaser to spay or neuter pig by their licensed veterinarian before to 6 months of age Purchaser agrees to supply Seller with a veterinarian's letter by certified mail as proof of a neuter/spay within 14 days after surgery.

PeeWee Piglets guarantees the pig to be healthy and free of diseases. Purchaser within 72 hours after placement may take pig to licensed veterinarian at Purchaser's cost. If the pig is determined to be ill due to the fault of the seller, the pig can be returned to PeeWee Piglets for another pig of equal value.

If for any reason the purchaser is not able to keep the pig, PeeWee Piglets will resume ownership of pig. Purchaser is to return pig to PeeWee Piglets with no refund given. Pig is not to be sold, transferred, leased or given to an animal shelter, pig sanctuary, research lab, petting zoo, pet shop, animal broker or any third party.

PeeWee Piglets is to provide customer support for the lifetime of pig. Purchaser is to notify PeeWee Piglets if any questions arise or if any problems or concerns occur regarding the pig's care, housing, behavior, health or other relevant issues.

PeeWee Piglets reserves the right to refuse business. PeeWee Piglets has a responsibility to ensure appropriate placements. If we feel that the placement is not appropriate or suitable for any reason, we will refuse the sale. We have a responsibility to place our pigs in a secure, permanent homes that will mutually benefit both the pig and the prospective owners.