Before You Get a Pig

Is a pet pig the right choice for you? Important facts and information that every prospective pig owner should know before hand.

Look Before You Leap - Read and Learn About Mini Pigs

Read, research and prepare yourself for pig ownership. Learn as much as you can BEFORE you get a pig. Pigs are not for everyone and a pig is a big commitment for a long time. Our healthy pigs can live up to 20 years, which is a quarter of your lifespan. Please don't think you can give it a try and if it doesn't work out, you'll find your pig another home. Pigs are highly intelligent animals that form strong bonds with their family. Pigs don't rehome easily. They experience sorrow, confusion, grief and depression when forced to leave their home and family.

Realistic Expectation of Size

Piglets do not stay small for long and like any other baby animal, they grow up and become adults. There is no such thing as a pig that will stay as small as a Yorkshire terrier or even a 25 pound fully mature pig. Teacups and Mini Micro Pigs typically range 12"-17" in height and weight 35 to 65 pounds, with the majority of mini pigs weighing over 50 pounds. Picture below show a pot bellied pig, an American Mini PIg and mini pig piglets.

Confirm Your Pig Is Legal

Pigs have been domesticated for 2000 years but only recently have been kept as pets. Often zoning ordinances have not been revised for miniature pet pigs and still list all pigs as livestock. Most zoning laws bans or has restrictions on livestock within the city limits. Legal battles has increased dramatically as more pig owners fight to keep their pets. Owners having illegal pet pigs can be charged with zoning violations, levied fines or have their pig confiscated. Avoid the heart ache and legal problems. Verify with local zoning or code enforcement that pet pigs are allowed.

12 to 20 Year Commitment

Miniature pigs live a long time from 12 years to 20 years, a quarter of our own lifespan. Owning a mini pig is a big commitment for the lifetime of the pig. Who will take care of your pig if you spend a night away from home? If you go on vacation, or are close to retirement age and plan to travel, you will have to make arrangements for the pig. It is not an easy task to find a boarding facility or a pet sitter for a pig. Many pig owners either travel with their pigs or stay at home.

Have A yard With Lawn

Do you have a fenced in area where the pig will be safe, secure and able to root and roam? Pigs need to be able to graze, get exercise, root, lay in grass, snort and sniff the air, investigate, and do piggy things. You must have a yard with lawn (grass and dirt) where they are confined and protected from predators. Pigs need access to the outdoors to stimulate their senses and to avoid boredom.

The Compatibility Factor

Are you compatible with the basic nature of a pig? These inherent qualities are permanent, inseperable elements that form the essential defining character of a pig and can't be changed. You already know some of these traits by common sayings.

  • Pig Headed - Pig have a tendency to be stubborn.   Are you willing learn training techniques to avoid "stubborn" issues?
  • Squeal Like A Pig - Pigs squeal and grunt, would these sounds bother you?.
  • Root Like A Pig - Pigs love to root.  Would you have a problem with a pig rooting the lawn or even you?
  • Eat like a pig - Pigs are sloppy eaters with voracious appetites. Can you handle their messy never ending quest for food?
  • Fat as a pig - Pigs are prone to obesity.  Can you maintain a feeding schedule, diet and exercise for healthy weight?
  • Like a pig to mud - Pigs wallow in mud.  Can you handle a pig that tracks mud through the house?

These traits can't be changed.  What are the opinions of your family members, friends and neighbors area regarding pigs and their traits?.  Do they think a pet pig will be great or gross?  

Sufficient Resources

Do you have the finances, home, time and physical ability to care for a pig?

TIME: .Pet pigs are time consuming. It takes time to feed, exercise, let out to potty, groom, bath, vet and train a pig. Pigs need you to spend time with them every day just like a child. They don't like to be left alone for long periods and can become anxious, bored and potentially destructive. Pigs bond strongly and need the companionship of their human family. You have your friends, relatives, work, hobbies and activities but your pig only has you.

INDOOR AND OUTDOOR ENCLOSURES: (AKA pig pen) for playing, grazing, rooting, sleeping and other piggy activities.. A pen safely confines, controls rooting and protects the pig from other pets, dogs and predators.

ADDITIONAL COSTS: A pig needs regular routine and preventive veterinary care, de-worming and vaccinations. Feed specially formulated for mini pigs along with fresh vegetables, roughage and treats is essential.. They require bedding, food and water bowls, litter, toys, harnesses and leashes. Hygiene products for bathing, skin and hoof care, brushes and trimmers are necessary also..

Factors to Consider:

  • Do you own your home?  If renting, will you landlord allow you to have a pig?
  • Do you have a vet that will treat mini pigs in your area?
  • Do you have someone to watch your mini pigs while you're away?
  • Do you have other pets and children?  How will they react to a pet pig?
  • Do you own dogs?  Will your dogs be a threat to a pig?
  • Are you prepared to keep the mini pig and dog separated if necessary for the pig's safety?

Responsible Pig Ownership

This Gravity Falls comic strip below is a sad but accurate account of the pain and anguish experienced by both owner and pig, when a pig is rehomed or surrendered. Pigs are highly intelligent and emotional creatures that from strong social bonds. It is traumatic for the pig to leave their family and home. They feel grief, sorrow and loss, exhibiting behaviors very similar to our own behavior. Some pigs will grieve and become depressed for months and even years. Pigs can cry real tears.

Please be a responsible owner for your pet. You have other interests such as friends, family, work or hobbies. When you take that little piglet into your home, he leaves everything he knows behind and only has you. The quality of life for your piglet is determined by you. Be the best owner you can be. We are not perfect and neither are pets. When problems arise, work towards a solution instead of abandonment. Make the right dedcision and do the right thing. Make a lifetime commitment to your pig. Enjoy this awesome journey together, from the first time you hold your baby piglet, until he crosses Rainbow Bridge.

Pet Pigs - The Pros and Cons


  1. Pig are loyal and form strong social bonds.
  2. Pigs are the fourth smartest animal on earth.
  3. Pigs are quiet when they are adults. They don't bark.
  4. Pigs get along well with most animals.
  5. Pigs normally don't get fleas.
  6. Pigs are generally healthy with a strong immune system .
  7. Pigs are loving.
  8. Pigs don't chew on things like dogs do.
  9. Pigs don't usually require rabies.
  10. Pigs usually don't have many vet bills.
  11. Pigs are not finicky eaters.
  12. Pigs don't run and jump on you.
  13. Pigs are not as aloof as cats but not as needy as dogs.
  14. Pigs are clean animals if allowed to be.
  15. Pigs house train and litter box train easily.
  16. Pigs don't shed like dogs or cats.
  17. Pigs aren't dangerous. You never hear of a pig attack.
  18. Pigs don't drink out of the toilet.
  19. Pigs are hypoallergenic.
  20. Pigs love to cuddle.
  21. Pigs like tv and music. You can watch shows together.
  22. Pigs are virtually odorless.


  1. Pigs are mischievous especially when it involves food.
  2. Pigs can become sneaky about food.
  3. You will become sneaky about food.
  4. Pigs are always like a three year old.
  5. Pigs can squeal very loudly at 110 decibels.
  6. Pigs can be very stubborn.
  7. Pig don't have the desire to please like a dog does.
  8. Pigs are intelligent and can get bored easily.
  9. Pigs left alone for long periods, can be destructive.
  10. Pigs aren't allowed within city limits in some areas.
  11. Pigs get mites and worms.
  12. Not all vets will treat a mini pig.
  13. You have too always be on the watch for dogs.
  14. Pigs are smart and can be escape artists.
  15. You have to monitor or limit their food or they will overeat.
  16. Pigs are prone to obesity.
  17. Pigs are messy eaters.
  18. Time, work and money are required to provide proper care.
  19. Pigs root. This includes you, your yard and your belongings.
  20. Pigs are always hungry.
  21. Pigs may challenge family members for dominance.