Piglets Can Ground Ship to Your Door

Your piglet can be ground shipped directly to your door! This is our preferred method of shipment because of the excellent care our pigs receive and the safe worry free travel provided by J&M Pet Transport.  Our piglets are pampered and safe in their care. .J & M Pet Transport  is experienced with miniature pig car and has a unblemished track record of safely delivering our piglets on schedule.

The cost is usually less than air transport with less worries and hassle, especially for owners not located close to major airports.   We don't have to worry about delays, lay overs, weather or temperature restrictions.

Piglets must comply with all applicable USDA regulation. This may include health certificate and microchip depending on the state of destination.


Pigs Can Fly

Same day arrival and departure, to most major cities within the continental United States for a shipping fee of $350.  The shipping fee includes the cost of the airline fare and the required items and services required for air transport are as follows: Airline approved shipping crate for transport. Airline approved food, water, dishes, paperwork . Exam fees by a USDA approved veterinarian. USDA health certificate issued for piglet by USDA approved veterinarian. . Piglet must be 8 weeks of age and completely healed from any surgery, such as neutering to travel. The shipping fee is extra and is in addition to the price of the piglet. The shipping fees must be paid in full before shipping arrangements can be made. Shipping date can change due to weather conditions and flight availability.  Many airlines have travel restrictions due to temperature along flight route.  The temperature must be above 35 degrees F but can not exceed 85 degrees F at any time during the flight.  Airlines with climate controlled areas don't have these restrictions. We try to make travel reservations 48 to 72 hours in advance. When flight reservations have been confirmed, the owner will be notified with the flight information..  Flight time and numbers are subject to change without notice, and if any changes is made during boarding, the owner will be promptly notified.